Node Settings

Commands entered via Command-line do not override the settings of your beam-node.cfg file.

The beam-node.cfg file loads all the settings not dictated by the Command-line. To revert to the original settings of yourbeam-node.cfgfile, manually restart your Beam mode.
Users can adjust and configure node settings via the Command Line or by editing thebeam-node.cfg file (located in the node_folder).

Node settings (parameters)

--port (or -p)
Port to start the server on.
Log level [info|debug|verbose].
File log level [info|debug|verbose].
Old logfiles cleanup period (measured in days).

Node options (parameters)

Node options can be plugged directly into thebeam-node.cfgfile or enter via the command line.
Path to the node database file (defaults to node.db).
The secret key that attributes the mining rewards mined by the node to your wallet created using CLI wallet export_miner_key command with --subkey=<miner id> parameter.
A secret key that allows the node to monitor mining rewards accumulated by all the mining nodes associated with this key. Created using CLI wallet export_owner_keycommand.
The wallet password (both theminer_keyand owner_keyare password protected).
Porton which stratum server will scan for incoming connections. Port=0if the stratum server is disabled.
Pathto the folder containing stratum certificates.
Nodes that are available for connection.

CPU Mining for Beam is not recommended.

Beam uses an Equihash mining algorithm with (150,5) parameters and a customized data path that is inefficiently mined on CPUs.

Node options (continued)

-h (or --help)
Prints a list of all available options and commands.
-v (or --version)
Prints latest project version.
Prints git commit hash value.
Fast sync on/off (override horizons)
Print TXO movements (create/spend) recognized by the owner key.
Keep a persistent connection to the specified peers, regardless of ratings
a number of mining threads(there is no mining if 0). It works if FakePoW is enabled
pow solve time. It works if FakePoW is enabled
number of threads for cryptographic verifications (0 = single thread, -1 = auto)
Path to the folder where compressed (cut-through) history files are stored. Defaults to the same folder.
Path to temp folder for compressed history files. Must be on the same volume as history_dir
Enable TLS on stratum server
number of hex digits for nonce prefix for stratum client (0..6)
Recovery file to generate immediately after the start
Path and file prefix for recovery auto-generation
Period (in blocks) for recovery auto-generation
Make running your local node in fast sync mode easier with the following command:
./beam-node --port=10000,,, --fast_sync=o