Getting Started

This section contains everything you need to know to get your DAppnet test environment up and running.

DAppnet Introduction

While the creation of the DAppnet was meant to serve as a tool for developers hoping to contribute to the Beam platform, we encourage users of all technical backgrounds to use the DAppnet. The DAppnet resembles and has the same capabilities as a Beam Desktop wallet with one major exception: the blockchain connection operates on a fake PoW hash, meaning none of the actions performed on the DAppnet will record onchain.

The DAppnet offers developers a complete enclosed test environment to see how their DApps will interact with user wallets and the Beam blockchain. Developers that contribute to the platform and publish DApps into the Beam ecosystem will never have to share any private information. The Beam blockchain will recognize DApp publishers only by a publisher key issued when creating a Publisher account, and no confidential information for publishers will ever record on the blockchain.

The easiest way to start testing your decentralized applications is by creating a DAppnet wallet.

Create a wallet

  • Launch the DAppnet

  • Click Restore wallet or create new wallet.

  • Generate and record your seed phrase (pen and paper recommended). Make multiple copies of your seed phrase and store it somewhere safe.

  • Verify your seed phrase.

  • Create a strong wallet password.

  • Select node connectivity.

  • Synchronize the DAppnet with the blockchain (this may take some time).

How it looks in your wallet

Create new wallet

Generate seed phrase

Record seed phrase

Verify seed phrase

Set wallet password

Set node connectivity

Syncronize DAppnet

Main screen

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