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DApp Store

The DAppnet contains a fully functional DApp store that is a perfect environment for developers to test their Beam Shader applications. The DApp store for each DAppnet wallet has the following DApps applications:
  1. 1.
    NFT Gallery 2.0 - The NFT Gallery 2.0 DApp is a complete NFT marketplace where you can buy/sell, and store your NFTs. The NFT gallery allows users to commission art and sell original NFT artwork directly on our marketplace.
  2. 2.
    Faucet - the Faucet DApp deposits small amounts of Beam into user wallets. Test your Beam Shaders or send Beam without fear of losing your real-world currency.
  3. 3.
    BeamX DAO - Beam's decentralized autonomous organization encourages the Beam community to participate in the voting epochs that decide the direction of the Beam ecosystem.
  4. 4.
    BeamX DAO Voting - A period before the official voting session (think of US voting primaries) where community members decide which proposals to advance for the upcoming voting epoch.
  5. 5.
    BeamX DAO Voting - Where the official voting occurs! Users with staked Beam tokens determine the direction of the BeamX protocol and earn rewards for voting for every proposal in each voting epoch.

How it looks in your wallet

The NFT Gallery DApp is a fully immersive art gallery that allows any artist to create a user profile and immediately start selling original artwork on the Beam NFT marketplace. Each user profile links with Beam wallets and lets users view the history of every transaction occurring (e.g., Total sold NFTs, Current Balance, etc.) in the gallery marketplace.
The NFT Gallery 2.0. is where users can directly support artists, browse original art collections, purchase/sell NFTs or start their own art collections!



On sale


Wallet balance

Users can click on the wallet icon
to view their wallet balance/transaction histories and so on.

Show artist key

The key icon
will display your artist key linked to your user profile. Do not share your artist key with anyone! It is the only way to recover your NFT collections if your device gets corrupted or stolen.

User profile

Clicking on the user profile icon
will let users view purchase NFTs and any NFTs the user has listed on the NFT marketplace as well as any NFTs 'liked' by the user.


The Faucet DApp replenishes user wallets with small amounts of Beam tokens. Developers can test their decentralized applications without the anxiety of possibly sending actual money into the void. Users can also donate Beam or BeamX tokens to the faucet.



Beam's decentralized autonomous organization, a.k.a. the BeamX DAO, is the community of BeamX stakeholders without centralized leadership. BeamX stakeholders determine the direction of the Beam protocol via direct democracy, i.e., stakeholders will vote on a series of proposals organized by community members during voting cycles (or "voting epochs") that the Beam Foundation will then carry out. Voting is limited to Beam community members who staked their tokens during the previous voting epoch. Each Beam token staked is worth one BeamX, and each BeamX is worth one vote. Users that have staked their Beam coins will receive rewards proportionate to the amount of Beam each user has staked.
The BeamX DAO DApp displays the total amount of BeamX in circulation and how much BeamX is currently locked and distributed. Users can view their public key (the only public information for every user profile) or deposit their Beam coins to the BeamX DAO to start earning rewards and participate in future voting epochs.

Deposit Beam

The staking calculator will calculate the rewards users will receive in exchange for locking in their Beam coins. Users can control the time their Beam coins are staked (from one week up to three months) with rewards paid out each week in the form of BeamX tokens. The longer the user locks in their Beam coins, the larger the weekly reward payouts are.

Show my public key

The public key is linked with every user's wallet and unlocks rewards earned through staking and other DAO rewards.

BeamX DAO Voting

Where users can vote on proposals regarding the Beam protocol during the voting epoch window.
Users can view their staked info, or get a sneak peek at upcoming proposals. If between voting epochs, users can deposit additional Beam coins to give themselves a louder voice come voting time.
If the current voting epoch is underway, users can vote on the proposal of their choice and watch with anticipation as the direction of the Beam protocol is decided.

BeamX DAO Voting

Where users can vote on proposals regarding the BeamX protocol during the current voting epochs.