Main Screen

Main Screen

The main screen of your Beam wallet is where you will be able to find:
    Balance: your Beam wallet displays the available balance ready for spending but is not limited to:
      Regular: the amount of Beam coins received from regular transactions.
      Shielded: the amount of Beam coins received from Offline or Max Privacy transactions.
      Locked: the amount of Beam coins currently "locked" in a shielded pool.
      Change: the amount of Beam coins received as of "change leftover" from a transaction.
    Assets: displays confidential assets on the Beam network, (see Rays as an example in the screenshot below)
    Transactions: a complete list of your transaction history and their statuses (in progress, sent, received).
    Sidebar Menu: the icons on the left side of the main screen take you to different screens within your Beam wallet, such as:
      Main Screen
      view your available balance and transactions list.
      Atomic Swaps
      skip transferring your coins to a DEX and swap your Beam for a different cryptocurrency directly from your Beam wallet!
      Addresses Book
      a complete list of your active and expired wallet addresses.
      review transactions statuses or wallet updates sent to your Beam (wallet.
      view the unspent transaction outputs (UXTO) available in your Beam wallet.
      DApp Store
      Beam's decentralized application store.
      wallet settings and preferences.

How it looks in your wallet


The dropdown menu
in your wallet balance will reveal a detailed breakdown of your Beam coins. The dropdown menu only shows if you are holding different UTXOs in your wallet.


If you have confidential assets, they will also be displayed; the dropdown menu
will provide a detailed description of each asset.

Transaction History and Statuses

Each sent or received transaction will be recorded in your Beam wallet transactions list. In addition, each transaction will include the following information:
    Coin: the name of the cryptocurrency (or asset) received.
    Amount: the number of coins sent or received.
    USD or BTC Value: the transaction value the day of trade.
    Created On: the date on which the cryptocurrency was sent or received.
    Status: the current state of the transaction (in progress, sent, received).
Clicking on the Beam or Assets displayed in your wallet balance will filter your transactions list to only display transactions for that particular currency.


A complete list of your transaction history and their statuses (in progress, sent, received).
Accessing the search bar
allows you to search for transactions via comment, transaction ID, or kernel ID.

Export CSV

your transactions list into a downloadable .CSV file.

Payment Proof Verification

Payment proof verification
allows you to verify a payment sent by the Sender.
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