Beam Confidential DeFi Platform
Since version 6.0, Beam has supported Smart Contracts (aka Beam Shaders) to build confidential DeFi applications on top of the Beam blockchain. As with most things Beam, this functionality was built from scratch and designed to be the best-in-class in technology and usability.
In this section, we describe the architecture and the process of writing, testing, and deploying Beam Shaders. The list of topics covered in this section includes:
    Confidential Assets.
    Transaction Kernels/Kernel Side Effects.
    Beam Shaders and Beam Virtual Machine.
    Payment Confirmations.
    Beam Smart contracts and Using Beam Shaders.
    Beam Wallet Database.
    Beam URI Scheme.
    Properties of Chain-Side Beam Shaders
      Collecting Fees/Controlling Assets/Locking & Unlocking Funds/etc
    Wallet Side Shaders
      Web Application/Role of Wallet Side Shaders/etc
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