Introduction to Beam

What is Beam?

Beam is a next generation confidential cryptocurrency that gives users peace of mind and security over their personal data. A perfect hybrid of innovation and elegance, Beam utilizes Mimblewimble and Lelantus protocols to deliver scalable and confidential transactions that wont store your addresses on the blockchain. Users decide what personal data they want shared and with whom.Have you had a chance to answer the previous question?

For many 'bitcoin' and 'cryptocurrency' are interchangeable terms like 'Uber' is with 'ride sharing' and its impact on a generation of users cannot be understated. While bitcoin proved the potential and viability of a decentralized currency, the fact that transactions on Bitcoin and many of its derivatives are not confidential (all transaction history is stored in a public ledger accessible to anyone), makes cryptocurrency manipulation an unfortunate reality.

Does the world need another cryptocurrency?

Privacy coins such as Monero and Zcash have made great strides and tremendous technological advances in the privacy realm, but are lacking on scalability and decentralization. Beam has gone a step further in reliability by offering audibility - with Monero or Zcash it is impossible to demonstrate a provable transaction graph to an external auditor, which is often needed for businesses. The ideas behind Mimblewimble protocol allow for creation of a coin that is confidential, scalable and optionally auditable.

We believe that the Beam coin will serve as a truly usable confidential store of value, with an addition of second-layer solutions like Lightning to allow for day-to-day usage

What makes Beam Special?

  • Complete open source. Developer from scratch in C++.

  • Users are in control of their privacy and decide which information gets shared for truly confidential transactions.

  • Atomic Swaps allow Beam wallet users to exchange two different cryptocurrencies without a 3rd party intermediary.

  • Confidentiality without penalty - The elegance of Beam protocols allow for confidential transactions that will not bloat the blockchain or sacrifice performance and scalability.

  • No addresses are stored in the blockchain, ever.

  • No trusted setup required.

  • Blocks are mined using Equihash Proof-of-Work algorithm.

  • No pre-mine. No ICO. Backed by a treasury, emitted from every block during the first five years.

  • Limited emission via periodic halving.

Who is Beam?

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Is Beam Safe?

Beam and BeamX are very experimental technology. Cryptocurrency is subject to volatile fluctuations in value and Beam is no exception: this is what decentralized currency looks like!

No guarantees can be provided by anyone whatsoever. Use it at your own risk. Make sure you know what you are doing, especially if there is money involved.

That said, you can always safely play with Beam by connecting to the permanent Testnet.

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