Proof Of Transaction

Since Beam 2.0., the receiver wallet has automatically signed proof of received transaction before sending it to the sender. Proof of transaction is only available for transactions whose status reads as "sent" and is not available for transactions with different transaction statuses, e.g. "expired," "failed," "completed," "received."

Verifying proof of transaction

As the Sender

  1. Launch Beam mobile wallet.

  2. From the wallet screen, transactions > "sent transaction" > "payment proof."

  3. Send the code to the receiver via a secure messaging app.

As the Receiver

  1. Launch Beam mobile wallet.

  2. Paste your payment proof.

How it looks in your wallet

Wallet screen

Tap the sent transaction you wish to verify.

Transaction details

Tapping the transaction will expand to show you the general transaction info; providing you a detailed overview of the transaction. Scroll down to find "payment proof." Tap "details" to view a more detailed overview of the payment proof, or simply "copy code."

Send payment proof

Send the payment proof to the receiver over a secure messaging app.

Verify payment proof

If the payment proof is valid, the transaction details will automatically display in the payment proof verification form.

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