Restoring Web Wallet

If you have previously created a Beam wallet, you can recover your funds by restoring your wallet from your 12-word seed phrase. However, your wallet data (transaction history, contacts, addresses) is always stored locally on your device.

Currently, importing previous wallet metadata to the current web wallet operating system is unavailable.

How to restore your Beam web wallet

  1. At the log-in screen, click restore wallet.

  2. Enter your 12-word seed phrase.

  3. After your seed phrase is verified, create a new wallet password.

  4. Synch with the blockchain (this may take time).

How it looks in your wallet

Web wallet login

Clicking restore wallet begins the wallet restoration process. Restore your wallet across all your devices!

Entering seed phrase

Enter your 12-word seed phrase to continue restoring your wallet. Seed phrases are case-sensitive. Always recheck your spelling before tapping submit.

Create a wallet password

Protect your funds by creating a strong password (eight characters minimum, at least one letter, number, or special symbol).

Your wallet password protects your device, while your seed phrase is the key that identifies and accesses your funds.

Restoring process

The web wallet automatically syncs with a mobile node and downloads the latest blockchain.

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