Wallet Screen and Settings

The main screen of your web wallet is where you will find:

  • Assets your web wallet will display all available assets and is not limited to:

    • Regular: the amount of Beam coins received from regular transactions.

    • Tokens: (a.k.a., Confidential Assets) can be stored, sent, and received through your web wallet metamask.

  • Transactions: a complete list of your transaction history and transaction statuses (in progress, sent, received).

    • Report a problem: creates an archive or "wallet log" that you can forward to Beam technical support.

    • Connected sites: manage or remove any decentralized applications (DAPPS currently available in Beam Desktop Wallet).

    • Remove current wallet: delete current wallet and wallet database.

How it looks in your wallet


Lock wallet


Transaction history is stored locally on your device (Desktop, Mobile) as wallet metadata. However, importing/exporting wallet metadata is unavailable on web wallet 1.0.

All transaction history will be limited to transactions made through the web wallet, however, your wallet balances are always connected to your seed phrase.


Find additional wallet settings, manage DApps (TBA), remove your current wallet, or visit Beam's documentation portal.

Report a problem

Experiencing technical issues? Create an archive of your wallet and get in touch with Beam technical support.

Connected sites

View and manage all connected DAPPs (currently available on desktop only)

Remove current wallet

Delete current wallet and wallet database (requires wallet password). Note: deleting wallet database cannot be undone

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