Receiving Beam

An in depth guide for how-to Receive Beam coins and different receiving addresses available in your Beam mobile wallet.

To Receive Beam

  1. Launch Beam mobile wallet app.

  2. From the wallet screen, tap receive.

  3. Enter a requested amount (optional).

  4. Leave a comment (optional). Comments are only visible inside your wallet for personal record-keeping.

  5. To complete your transaction, tap share address to airdrop your wallet address or send via a secure messaging app.

How it looks in your wallet

Receive screen

Tapping on receive automatically generates a new address. Each new address has a default expiration time of 24 hours, (to change address expiration times, see Address).

Sharing your address

Regular wallet address & Offline wallet address

Offline payments are sent to your Beam wallet via SBBS address. Tap "address details" to find your SBBS address.

QR code & address details

Maximum anonymity set

The max anonymity set is a unique Offline transaction that offers maximum privacy. It can take up to 72 hours to complete; users can adjust the lock times in their mobile wallets. However, shorter lock times equals less privacy; the highest lock time guarantees your private information remains confidential.

Unlock Time

View the time till your coins unlock by tapping "more details" in your wallet balance.

Public Offline address

We recommend Public Offline addresses for users expecting to receive regular Offline payments. Public Offline addresses do not expire. While having a single lifetime address can sound appealing, we cannot guarantee maximum privacy for your personal information (transaction history, wallet balance).

To find your Public Offline address:

  1. Copy address or allow the sender to scan your QR code.

Show Public Offline Address

Completed transactions

Regular transaction

When the sender has initiated the transaction, the new transaction will be listed under "transactions" in your Beam wallet.

Offline transaction

Beam coins received via Offline and Public Offline transactions cannot be seen unless your Beam wallet is connected with the mobile node.

Maximum anonymity set

Beam coins received via maximum anonymity set cannot be seen unless your Beam wallet is connected to the mobile node. They will be listed as "sent offline" in your transactions list.

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