Sending Beam

While your Beam mobile wallet puts users in complete control over their digital funds, however recovering funds sent or received by an incorrect address is not possible. Always double-check to make sure you are not sending Beam coins to an incorrect or expired address.

Transaction Fees

Offline transactions (regular Offline and Public Offline) have significantly higher transaction fees than regular transactions due to the more significant blockchain requirements Offline payments have compared to Regular. Max anonymity set carries the same fees as Offline.

  • Regular transaction: Fee = 0.001 Beam (Before HF-3 100 GROTH).

  • Offline transaction: Fee = 0.011 BEAM (0.01-for shielded coin + 0.001-fee transaction).

To Send Beam

Always double-check your addresses before sending Beam. Viruses and malware hidden on your computer can alter your address even though it's copied to your clipboard.

  1. Launch Beam mobile wallet app.

  2. From the wallet screen, tap send.

  3. Choose transaction type (Regular or Offline). If the Receiver provides a max anonymity set address, the transaction type will change to "max privacy."

  4. Enter the amount of Beam you wish to send.

  5. Leave a comment (optional). Comments are only visible inside your wallet for personal record-keeping.

  6. Tap next to preview the transaction before sending (double-check your wallet addresses).

  7. Tap send to send your Beam coins.

How it looks in your wallet

Regular and Offline transactions

Regular/Offline addresses differ from Public Offline address.

  1. Regular/Offline addresses have a default expiration date of 24 hours. For maximum privacy, we strongly recommend you generate a new address for every transaction. To edit your address expiration date, see this page.

  2. Offline addresses can only be sent once. Once generated, the Offline address is only good for single payment.

  3. Your Public Offline address will never expire. We strongly recommend your Public Offline address be used if you accept regular donations. It will be possible to trace your information from a Public Offline address. To find your Public Offline address, see this page.

The sender decides whether to send a Regular payment or an Offline payment.

Max anonymity set

As a special type of Offline transaction, max anonymity set addresses carry the same transactions fees.

Public Offline transaction

Your Beam wallet will notify if you are sending to a Public Offline address, so always double-check addresses before sending your Beam coins.

Completed transaction

Regular transaction

If the Receiver wallet is currently offline, the transaction will appear as "waiting for receiver" in your transactions list, switching to "in progress" when the Receiver goes online (Regular transactions only).

Regular and Offline transaction

Completed Offline transactions will be listed as "sent offline." Tap on the transaction to view the full transaction details.

Max anonymity set

Completed transactions using max anonymity list as "completed offline." If it reads "in progress max privacy," then your coins are still locked.

Public Offline transaction

Completed Public Offline transactions will be listed as "sent public offline." Tap on the transaction to view the full transaction details.

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