DAppnet User Guide

Beam's test environment for decentralized applications, e.g., a sandbox for Beam Shaders!

Welcome to Beam's DAppnet guide!

Beam takes the power of decentralized applications to the next level by introducing the DAppnet, an open sandbox for developers to test and debug their Beam Shaders (the Beam ecosystem term for 'Smart Contracts') before deploying into the Beam DeFi ecosystem. The DAppnet empowers developers to create and submit their DApps to help build a decentralized future.

The DAppnet replicates your standard Beam user wallet, and it comes equipped with pre-installed DApps while operating on a fake PoW that generates a new block every 15 seconds. Users can withdraw small amounts of Beam to test projects without fearing that a bug or coding error can lead to a loss of real-world currency.

Decentralized applications (DApps) fully utilize blockchain technology to protect user privacy and empower users through true decentralization.

Download Beam DAppnet

The DAppnet is available on our main website or go to our GitHub page and download the DAppnet binaries directly.

Installing DAppnet

The DAppnet is available for Windows, Mac and Linux Platforms.

  1. Choose your platform.

  2. Download DAppnet onto your device.

  3. Begin installation process.

  4. Accept Terms of Service Agreements.

Read more about getting your test environment up and running.

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